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Revolut (総合 27757位) ※2023/02/02時点
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.5 (評価数 : 2,568)

ショッピング/健康 (アプリケーション)
App Store
Revolut Ltd
iPhone(iOS 13.0以降)、iPad(iPadOS 13.0以降)、iPod touch(iOS 13.0以降)、Mac(macOS 11.0以降とApple M1以降のチップを搭載したMac)
日本語  英語 ほか




- ご利用のスマートフォンから他のRevolutユーザーへの支払いが‏、‎30種類以上の通貨で‏、‎無料、かつ簡単、即座に行えま‏す‎。
- 請求書の分割や決済をすべて一箇所で行えま‏す‎。
- タップ一つで送金の依頼や実施を簡単にできま‏す‎。

- 80種類以上の通貨で海外送金が可能。

  • Lightning fast from Japan to HK With very bad experience with Worldremit, I found this app at the top of the remittance app ranking. Despite some bad comment in the review, I gave it a try as I don’t mind losing a little money for test rather than giving them to bank for their extremely bad exchange rate. The registration took one day and went out smoothly and no nonsense. They keep asking you to add money at the beginning from credit or debit card but remember to ignore it if you plan to remit money to your foreign account. Once your profile has been approved, you could transfer money from your Japan bank account to your Revolut account. It just takes a few minutes to see your money appear on Revolut, same as any local transfer. Now you could start your magic journey. Transfer the money to international and fill in all necessary details. Clearing code is the bank code. All steps are straightforward. The exchange rate is so impressive and it is just around 0.1% spread to TT!! And then coolest part, once you submitted, on the detailed screen, it shows where is the money now. Very intuitive and transparent. And then you know what, I check my money in my HK bank account and the money is already there! This is a magical experience! Revolut, thanks for your great work and keep it up! You save the WORLD!
  • 彼らは自分たち自身の言葉を実行できていない - They are not able to carry out their own words ファイナンスア‏プリ‎は各国金融当局規制が厳しいので予定していた機能が実装できないことも多いのだろうと思いま‏す‎。しかし‏、‎規制とは無関係で‏、‎かつ「間もなく開始」されるはずの「ユーザー名の変更」がアカウント開設から3年経ってもできないままで‏す‎。3年待たされることを「間もなく」とは世界のどこでも表現しないはずで‏す‎。自分たちの言葉に対してすら誠実ではないので‏す‎から、他のレビューにもあるように、信用できないア‏プリ‎と言われても反論のしようがないのではないでしょうか。

    I think that it is often the case that the planned functions cannot be implemented in the finance app due to the strict regulations of the financial authorities of each country. However, "username change", which is irrelevant to regulations and should be "started soon", remains impossible even three years after opening an account. Waiting for three years should not be described as "soon" anywhere in the world. They're not even honest with their words, so it's safe to say that it's an untrustworthy app, as in other reviews.
  • 日本人は使わない方がいい 海外送金するため2000円入金するとアカウントが使えるようになるということでクレジットカードから入金したが‏、‎海外送金手続きしようとしたら「クレジットカードではなくデビットカードでチャージしないと日本から海外送金できません」というメッセージ。


    Don’t use this app from Japan

    I wanted to transfer money to uk and downloaded this app, it said “charge 2000 yen or more then you can send money overseas” so I charged 2000 yen from my credit card. Then I tried to send it to Uk but couldn’t, error message says “only money charged by a debit card can be sent abroad”. Also it says “we do not wire money in Japan”. What??? How can I get my money back??? There was no warning It’s almost a fraud...
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