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iWatermark+ Logo Photo & Video (総合 25840位)
価格 : 610円
App Store 評価 : 4.0 (評価数 : 15)


マルチメディア (アプリケーション)
App Store
Plum Amazing Software LLC
iPhone(iOS 14.1以降)、iPad(iPadOS 14.1以降)、iPod touch(iOS 14.1以降)


Watermark photos or video with logo, text, QR codes, borders, vectors, metadata, steganographic and signature watermarks. Batch watermark photos. Visible or invisible watermarks. Use 1 watermark or many watermarks simultaneously. The best present you can buy for an iPhonographer

The watermarking tool for photojournalists, professional photographers, influencers and beginners. The #1 app to watermark photos & video. #2 App for Instagram & Facebook users. Easy, Popular, Powerful & Professional

iOS 14 & 15 Compatible.

Easily, enhance and protect your photos by signing them with iWatermark+'s unique 9 visible watermarks and 3 invisible watermark types. All 12 watermark types can be customized by you in millions of ways to be reused or re-edited easily. Use any of the thousands of included vector & bitmap watermarks. The easiest and most powerful way to add a subtle watermark or watermarks onto one or batch to hundreds of photos. For photographers by photographers

"The ultimate Instagram tool" - H.R.

The reviews say it all:

iTunes App Store レビュー
  • When saving an image, the shooting time advances If you save with watermark, the shooting time will be 9 hours ahead of the shooting time of the original image. The iPhone is set to Japan time.
  • Sync my watermark template I like this app very much. I can share or sync my watermark template from my iPhone to my iPad before. But when I buy a new iPad mini, I found that the cloud of watermark disappeared. I cannot sync my watermark template to my new iPad now.😭
    What can I do?
  • 使い易い 簡単にウォーターマークが入れられ、カスタマイズも容易に出来ます。
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