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3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator (総合 26706位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.0 (評価数 : 724)

アクション (ゲーム)
App Store
iPhone(iOS 12.2以降)、iPad(iPadOS 12.2以降)、iPod touch(iOS 12.2以降)、Mac(macOS 11.0以降とApple M1以降のチップを搭載したMac)、Apple Vision(visionOS 1.0以降)
日本語  英語  中国語  韓国語 ほか


3DTuning: Car Game & Simulator App is both a 3D car configurator tool and a game at the same time. 3D tuning App gives you the possibility to customize hundreds of cars, trucks and bikes in unprecedented photorealistic quality and detail. With our huge range of car parts, customization features and design options, you will easily create THE build that perfectly fits your style.

More than 300 models popular among automotive fans in the US and around the world:
- Truck configurator: almost all generations of legendary classic and modern US and Japanese trucks starting from 1950’s;
- Muscle Car Configurator: wide selection of classic and modern American muscle cars ranging from all time classics to now-a-days bestsellers.
- Tuning configurator: most popular cars, bikes, choppers, SUVs and even semi-trucks from US and around the world.

3D TUNING is more than just a configurator:
- Test your automotive design skills by challenging other 3DTuning users;
- Create your unique Garage of cars, trucks and bikes;
- Post your creations to Timeline, get Likes and Comments from your friends and automotive fans worldwide;

  • 追加して欲しい車 トヨタ18クラウンアスリート レクサスGS(前期) 日産スカイラインer34 お願い致しま‏す‎。
  • デベロッパの回答 Thanks for the review! We will add them in ""Car Schedule"" ASAP. Hopefully they will get a lot of votes and we will be able to upload them on 3DTuning very soon!
    FYI: we are adding new cars and parts almost everyday, hopefully you will enjoy our frequent updates :)
  • Awesome i am starting to like thus alot!! even though it doesn't have all the mods i had pictured on the car i have it has the all the essentials, mostly the cars to choose from! i love all cars but for me, my baby in 3Dtuning is the 99-00 civic Si coupe, i only wish there was more headlight and tailight options, but i was really truly amazed at the rear window roof spoilers options, some of which unique and i never imagined would be available for purchase in real word, because there is one which i wish or hope is one out there in the real-word market for purchase.....love this simulator/app, as for addition to the apps choices i only hope for more exterior options becuz i have gotten so many ideas that could be possible if one was to really put custom/tuning into ones car/truck if they were to go out of the ordinary, and im not talking about lambo/suicide doors....i have always thought of putting a certain part on car and wonder how it would really look like, this app gives a good perspective of how it would actually look like! keep it up! will be lookin forward to hopefully many many updates/upgrades of this app!!!!
  • デベロッパの回答 Thank you for your review!
    We are doing our best to make more cars, tuning parts and features available on 3DTuning.
    We want you to know that we take into consideration each request and choose the direction of our development according to it.
    You can be sure your message will not remain unnoticed and we will try to implement your suggestion asap!
  • Overall good!! Hi I got this app and it was pretty good. But what do you do with the non video ads? I tapped it, and it went the site of the ad. But it won’t go away even if I look at their website. Thanks.
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