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ticktick-シンプルなtodoリスト&タスク管理アプリ (総合 4758位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.8 (評価数 : 10000)

ショッピング/健康 (アプリケーション)
App Store
Appest Limited
iPhone(iOS 13.0以降)、iPad(iPadOS 13.0以降)、iPod touch(iOS 13.0以降)
日本語  英語  中国語  韓国語 ほか


TickTickは‏、‎クラウドによって、すべてのデバイスでシームレスに同期できる強力なTodoタスク管理ア‏プリ‎ケーションで‏す‎。 あなたが手にしたいアイデア、あなたが達成したいと思っている個人的な目標、達成すべき仕事のタスク、または同僚と共同作業を行う場合でも、家族のための簡単な買い物リストを作成するだけでもよいで‏す‎。 TickTickは‏、‎あなたの日常生活を整理するのに役立ちま‏す‎。

- すべてのデバイスでタスクを同期できま‏す‎。
- 複数のリマインダを設定できま‏す‎。
- 柔軟に繰り返しタスクを設定できま‏す‎。
- チェックリストを作成できま‏す‎。
- 共同作業のためにタスクリストを共有できま‏す‎。
- メールでタスクを追加できま‏す‎。
- タスクに添付ファイルをアップロードできま‏す‎。
- カレンダーア‏プリ‎ケーションと統合できま‏す‎。

  • I’ve used so many iOSto-do lists and planners. This is the best one. Period. Up until now I had at least 3 to-do apps for focus, habit trackers, calendar, and a to-do list, but this app has everything included with basic features available for free. I have ADD and this app is a lifesaver for planning, prioritizing, or just writing memos.
    I always forget things but writing them down or putting them in my apps just isn’t enough. And having finances in one app, calendar in another, and my focus clock in another overwhelms me and ends up with me not using any of them. Work, groceries, remembering how to take care of a plum tree, I put everything in this app and I know it’s in one place in an organized way. My favorite thing by far is the Eisenhower Matrix. I have trouble planning steps and prioritizing so I already use this religiously to plan out my day but I love having it on my phone with my planner. The task tracker also boosts my confidence because it shows how many tasks I’ve completed regardless how big or small the task was.

    I’ve already deleted all my other calendar/to-do list apps and my paper planners are already gathering dust😊
  • suggestions💡⠜ I am a paid member who has been using this app for 3 years.

    There are 3 functions that I would like you to add, so please consider them.
    The first request is to add a progress management function.
    If possible, it would be helpful if I could select the display of graph for progress management.
    For example, it's a display by bar charts or pie charts that shows progress percentages.

    The second request is to narrow down the conditions of tasks to be displayed in the Eisenhower matrix.
    I would like to display only tasks for today, tasks for tomorrow, tasks for one week, one month, half a year, etc. on the matrix.

    The third request is addition of a BULLET JOURNAL template function.
    Of course, some people may not need this function, so it would be desirable to be able to turn it on and off of that function.
    The TickTick app is great for keeping track of my to-do list for the day, but not so much for big-picture,long-term planning. Like as written in the book by Ryder Carol who advocated BULLET JOURNAL , it's so good having an overview function such as future log and weekly log for my long-term projects if I hope doing more better working.
    And if this application has the function classifies tasks not only by color and tag but also by symbol, visually sorting out task types and priorities, I think this application becomes more useful to make it easier to grasp more intuitively.
  • 痒い所に手が届くタスク管理ア‏プリ‎で‏す‎ 単発のタスク管理(期限があるもの、ないもの)と習慣管理をひとつのア‏プリ‎でできるものを探していました。


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