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オフライン地図、GPSナビ:MAPS.ME (総合 28769位) ※2023/11/29時点
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  • The best apps for travelers I’m using many kinds of apps for travel, among them, maps,me is the best app for me, maybe others. Through downloading your destination, you can find the place to eat, stay, use internet as well as transportation system, entertainment place and ATM. Even if you are not familiar with that place, you can enjoy your trip!
  • Update 2.0 They updated the app fixing all my problems. So no reason to complain now. Thanks for the quick fixes. Just one suggestion the night mode is hard to see the little path when on mountains. There is not enough contrast between the line and the green of the mountain.
    —————— Old comment
    Maps.me 2.0 it is good make up for UI but really poor in functionality. It is not possible to see the walking paths that were visible in the old version (the outdoors layer) but it is the step by step guide shows a route that the layer doesn’t. There are maps that are not possible to download (I.e Tokyo map is nowhere to download)... and the new redesign does not support dark mode and in low light conditions hurts
  • デベロッパの回答 Dear Friends, thank you for your feedback and apologise for the inconvenience. We have a New Year’s gift for you - MAPS.ME in the App Store, just the way you’ve always loved it 100% offline. All your bookmarks with the colours you like. All maps and POIs in place Search. OSM data with all the little details (little paths, building numbers, fire hydrants, benches and more). And - Zero advertising for everyone, Fresh colours. After downloading the update, you will be able to use offline maps as before and enjoy Maps.me even more. We have read each of your comments, studied your suggestions and recommendations. The new version is a result of this. We know how valuable your bookmarks are. These are the places associated with memories and highlights of life. Many of you have 1000s of them. As you will see, all your bookmarks are active again - travel, explore new places, make itineraries and enjoy adding news ones - your way. Thank you for taking Maps.me with you. Thanks to a community of loyal users, MAPS.ME will continue to be the most user-friendly offline navigation app. In the New Year, we look forward to taking more suggestions onboard from you, our loyal clients and friends. Thank you again for your patience and active participation in creating this update. Sincerely yours and Happy New Year, Maps.me Team
  • the map data update problem Curiously, the maps for the iPhone and iPad versions of this app are not updated at the same time; the maps for the iPad version is consistently updated almost every two months. However, the maps for the iPhone version have not been updated since the last April, and are still three versions out of date compared to the latest iPad version. I am stumped because even if I delete all the maps from the iPhone app and download them again, the old versions of the maps are still installed. I would like an explanation as to why they are doing this without informing the app users and OSM collaborators.
  • デベロッパの回答 Hello, thanks for the feedback. We are constantly working on the app and making it the best we can. Please could you update to the latest version of the app as we have made some adjustments and we hope that you find it more user friendly. If the issue continues please contact our Support Team at mapsmereviews@n2.org and provide further information
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