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Headspace: Meditation & Slee‪p‬ (総合 17943位) ※2021/03/03時点
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.8 (評価数 : 2,401)

カテゴリー : マルチメディア (アプリケーション)
バージョン : 3.153.0
App Store 更新日 : 2021/03/03
開発者 : Headspace Inc.
対応言語 : 英語 ほか
サイズ : 115.6MB
情報取得日 : 2021/03/03


Get happy. Stress less. Sleep soundly. Headspace is your guide to mindfulness for your everyday life. Learn meditation and mindfulness skills from world-class experts like Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe, and choose from hundreds of guided meditations on everything from managing stress and anxiety to sleep, focus, and mind-body health. Build your practice your way with meditations for every experience level and lifestyle — including short, 3-minute sessions that fit seamlessly into a busy schedule.

From meditations for working from home to concentration-boosting music, the new Focus tab is your one-stop shop for changing the way you get things done. Tune in to the moment with Headspace’s Chief Music Officer John Legend, and new music from groundbreaking artists. Find original compositions from legendary film composer Hans Zimmer, hip-hop’s critically acclaimed producer Madlib, and the UK’s rising dance star, Aluna. Or choose from 12 different Focus music stations, including Lo-Fi Times and Corner Booth Jazz. Take your mind from cluttered to clear with a Focus soundscape, or reset with a mindful walk.

To help you stay resilient during tough times, Headspace is here for you with the Weathering the storm collection, including meditations for coping with sadness, anger, and adapting to change. You can also release stress and tension through movement with Move Mode — mood-boosting, at-home workouts and 28-day mindful fitness courses led by expert trainers, Olympians Kim Glass and Leon Taylor.

Start your morning inspired with The Wake Up — a short, daily video series designed to brighten your day — then decompress at bedtime with relaxing sleepcasts, dreamy soundscapes, and tranquil music from Sleep by Headspace.

In just a few minutes a day, Headspace can help bring balance to your everyday life. Want the full experience? Try Headspace Plus for free and access the entire content library.

Download Headspace today, and be kind to your mind.

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  • Amazing Headspace is truly amazing. I struggle with a whole fun variety of mental disorders. I’m using Headspace, I’m now able to - for example - call these mental disorders as “fun” as I just have in the previous sentence.

    Without this app, I really would be truly lost in the world on a whole lower wavelength. Not that that’s necessarily a terrible thing, but just not a preferable situation for me personally.

    I do believe that if literally anyone utilizes this app on a subscription-level, it would most likely be the wisest investment one could make during the course of their entire life. Of course, it being the first wise investment. The succeeding investments made would then be a lot more wiser with the additional headspace added to the mind through using this app.

    If I hadn’t made it clear already, truly amazing.
  • my favorite app I'm a Japanese man. This app enables me to keep on practicing meditation. Data show that how wonderful meditation is, but it is not easy to do it constantly everyday. This app counts how long you have meditated so far. So you want to add more meditation time in a day.
  • 瞑想の基本から上級まで! 日本人です。日本人でも十分に理解できるし、理解できなくても聴きながらゆっくりするだけで十分学べるものがあります。お寺に行くのは大変ですから、ぜひこのアプリで!

    I just want to say thank you to the people who create and manage this app, which changed my lifestyle and mind style.thank you very much.
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