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The Economist Classic AP (総合 33656位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 2.0 (評価数 : 1)

カテゴリー : 未分類 (その他)
バージョン : 4.3.6
App Store 更新日 : 2019/11/08
開発者 : The Economist
動作条件 : iOS 9.0以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。
サイズ : 24.6MB
情報取得日 : 2019/11/19

The digital edition of the The Economist weekly magazine with audio,

Users on iOS 10.3 or above can explore an expanded version of this app, incorporating daily and weekly updates, along with a morning briefing by searching for ‘The Economist’.

Readers can access their essential global briefing on current affairs, business, finance, economics, science, technology and the arts from The Economist each week.

Download the free app to:

• Enjoy three free articles a week, including the cover leader

• Enjoy the content of the weekly newspaper in an easy-to-use format

• Save articles to read offline later

• Get alerts when the new issue is available along with notifications on cover stories, breaking news and analysis.

• Subscribe within the app and get full access to Economist.com and The Economist apps

• Share articles via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook

• The app presents a great digital native reading experience for readers allowing for font size changes, Night Mode and other convenient user friendly qualities.

In today’s changing world, the one thing that’s certain is uncertainty. Make sense of it all with The Economist.


• Subscribe annually, quarterly or buy a single issue. You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes.

• Payment is charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase.

• Annual and quarterly subscriptions automatically renew. You can manage auto-renew of your subscription from your iTunes account settings at any time, but must be turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged again.

• The app may offer a free trial. At the end of the free trial period, the full price of the subscription will be charged thereafter. Cancellations must occur 24 hours before the end of the subscription period to avoid being charged. Visit http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098 for more information.

• Full terms of use can be found at http://www.economist.com/legal/terms-of-use.


Simply search for The Economist in the App Store to download the app for free.

Please note that this app requires iOS 8.0 and above. We recommend you update to the latest version of iOS to receive the best possible experience.

iTunes App Store レビュー
  • 音声機能が不安定。ハングしたり途切れたり オーディオ機能がきわめて不安定。以前のバージョンより改悪した。プレイリスト画面が記事の切れ目でホワイトアウトして動かなくなることが多い。プレイリスト機能は以前は約束通り順に再生してくれていたが、現在は記事が終わるごとに提示する。最新記事が端正に読み上げられるのを聞けるのは、購読の大きなモチベーションであったので、この部分が直されないのはがっかりですね。
  • アプリはストレスフル 雑誌の内容はともかくアプリはバグだらけで使っていてたいへんストレスフルです。新バージョンになってからしばらく経つのに全く直らないのはどういうことか?オンラインでないとオーディオが聴けない、毎回表紙と広告を見なければならない、一旦横にスワイプすると記事をどこまで読んだかわからなくなる。いい加減にしてほしい。高い購読料を払っているのだから。


  • Who is QAing these releases? For the patched version of the last buggy release. I don't understand why:
    The voices still sounds terrible at 2x playback speed.
    I have to see an ad every time I open the the app.
    It forgets playback state if I reopen the app.
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