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Vivino: 美味しいワインを手に入れましょう (総合 29771位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.6 (評価数 : 9,375)

アドベンチャー (ゲーム)
App Store
Vivino ApS
iPhone(iOS 15.0以降)、iPod touch(iOS 15.0以降)、Mac(macOS 12.0以降とApple M1以降のチップを搭載したMac)、Apple Vision(visionOS 1.0以降)
日本語  英語  中国語 ほか



• ワインラベルや、レストランのワインリストの写真を撮ったり、ワインで検索したりできま‏す‎
• ワインの評価、レビュー、価格、試飲ノート、およびフードペアリングに関する提案を、即座に閲覧できま‏す‎
• お気に入りのボトルをご自宅までお届けしま‏す‎
• あなたの評価とレビューを追加できま‏す‎
• お好みのワインを簡単に登録でき、新しいおすすめを受け取ることができま‏す‎
• 購入したワインをあなたの「セラー」に保存すれば、所有しているワインを常に把握できま‏す‎
• いつでもあなたにぴったりのワインを手に入れましょう!

  • Trustworthy wine app community Great app!
    One of the few apps on my phone and one of the only ones I open regularly. data and making accessible in a way that is easy and straightforward to use.

    Additionally, wines and their incorrect data can be edited with some ease. This is great.

    My only beef with the app is the other users. As a casual wine drinker I often feel intimidated when some users upload 10-20 rankings on a nearly daily basis. Truth be told, I was increasing my wine consumption just to compete with them when I realized that perhaps they are avid wine tasters and testing their skills, while I’m just an individual who drinks wine with friends and family and seeks out nice pairings with food. I’ve learned to just disregard their posts. We are just in different leagues with different purposes.
  • Great scanning and recognition I just love this app. Great scanning and recognition for labels. Great way to keep your wine tasting records and your wine inventory. On top of them, you can learn tips about selecting your wine including taste reco based on your wine history and budget for the wine based on other users’ purchase price info.
  • Reduced world! I do like your app! Got to know about it from a friend!
    But it seems that your shopping world exists only from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast, aka USA! It would be really good to have some shopping references outside of these boarders! I live in Japan, I have many friends in mostly Europe, that would like to have similar features!
    We are all using your app , good for us, not good for you !
  • デベロッパの回答 Thank you for the feedback. Although buying wine through Vivino is available in many different countries, Japan is not currently one of them. It is something we aim to develop in the future. We hope you continue to enjoy using Vivino until then.
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