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• クルアーンの学習と記憶:レッスンプラン、インタラクティブなクイズ、知識の復習など、さまざまな学習ツールを利用して、ムスリムプロを使ってクルアーンの学習を始めましょう。フラッシュカードでの記憶、聴く・朗読する、スローダウンした音声、進捗の追跡、達成の認識など、サラーとアヤーをもっと記憶するための機能が充実していま‏す‎。

• AiDeenに尋ねる:聖クルアーンと正統なハディースに基づいてイスラムの質問にリアルタイムで回答しま‏す‎。

• Qalboxでの新着:ムラーナシェイクアフィフディンやシェイクアハメドアルアジャリなどの著名なイスラム学者をフィーチャーした独占シリーズをお楽しみください。さらに、""Fetih 1453""のような時代劇や、""アル・ラヤン・クルアン""、""フードフード""などの子供たちのお気に入り、そして最初のAIオリジナル製作である""マーシー・フォー・マルチバース""もありま‏す‎。


  • Amazing app with multiple functionalities I really love this app. I recommend getting the Pro version because it unlocks so many other functionalities. It’s so convenient to use and it helps me a lot in my Quran learning. The duas are also useful and they have many for different occasions. I had encountered a problem earlier regarding my premium subscription and the Muslim pro staff was very quick to attend to my inquiry. Thank you so much! Jazakallah khairan.
  • A suggestion about translation of Al Quran. Alssalamu Alaikum. Jazakumu Allah a very beautiful application quite helpful in our daily life towards promoting love of Allah and His Prophet ﷺ. There is a request that please include in your data the Translation of Al Quran by Dr Tahirul Qadri from Pakistan a famous and renown personality of present times and his working to elaborate Islam and make it compatible with the current requirements and showing the real soft image of Islam to the entire world. His organization Minhajul Quran is working in more than 90 countries of the world. In some last years Dr Tahirul Qadri has very successfully proved that there is no any relation between Islam and Terrorism.
    Thanks and hopeful for some positive response. Wassalam
  • More reciters to add Assalomu alaykum dear developers. I like this app, and I’m Premium User. It helps me track the prayer times and learn the Surahs. My request is that if you add more reciters it would be very good. For example, Aziz Alili, Maher Al-Muayqili, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Wadee Hammadi Al-Yamani and so on. Everyone I mentioned has different styles and they are all very good in their own way.
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