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Jump Desktop (RDP, VNC, Fluid) (総合 17041位)
価格 : 1,840円
App Store 評価 : 4.3 (評価数 : 86)

カテゴリー : カード/パズル (ゲーム)
バージョン : 9.4.26
App Store 更新日 : 2020/04/24
開発者 : Phase Five Systems
動作条件 : iOS 11.4以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。
サイズ : 82.3MB
情報取得日 : 2020/07/04


Leave your laptop behind. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere.

Jump Desktop is a powerful remote desktop application that lets you control your computer from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Compatible with RDP and VNC, Jump Desktop is secure, reliable and very easy to set up.

Easy setup and reliable:
Jump Desktop is very easy to setup; anyone can do it! Just visit: https://jumpdesktop.com on your PC or Mac, click the ‘Automatic Setup’ link and follow step-by-step instructions. You’ll be up and running in no time.

Secure and built on open standards:
Jump Desktop is a RDP and VNC client. You don't need to download additional software if you already have RDP or VNC configured and know the address of your computer. Just enter your IP address or hostname to connect.

Powerful features:
* Works with almost any computer and operating system
* Supports a physical mouse! Exclusive feature on the App Store! Important limitation: Jump Desktop does not work with standard Bluetooth mice and requires a specific Bluetooth mouse that pairs with iOS
* New Fluid Remote Desktop protocol supports high performance remote desktop
* Easy and secure setup: Automatically configure your PC or Mac for remote access using Wi-Fi/3G/LTE without worrying about your router settings. Setup as many computers as you like – there are no limits!
* Built for iPad Pro, iPad, iPhone and iPod
* iPad Pro features: Full support for split-screen multitasking and Apple Pencil
* Protect your server settings using Touch ID
* Connection syncing via iCloud connection syncing
* Advanced Bluetooth keyboard: The best bluetooth keyboard support on the App Store. Shortcuts, function keys and arrow keys - everything works. Also includes macros for keys no available on bluetooth keyboards (i.e function keys)
* SSH tunneling with password and public key authentication supported
* Supports large custom screen resolutions and VGA/HDMI out
* Full mouse support via touch gestures: left, right and middle button clicks, dragging, scrolling, precision pointer movement
* Multiple gesture support - includes the ability to draw or write using your finger
* Copy/paste: Transfer text to or from your computer using the pasteboard
* HDMI/VGA support: view your desktop on the big screen using a cable or AirPlay. Jump's video out mode will let you utilize the full resolution of your external display.
* Multi-core rendering engine makes Jump Desktop one of the fastest RDP and VNC engines on the planet
* Full support for Linea and Infinea barcode and MSR scanners. Includes support for E2E encryption.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Audio streaming and remote printing are NOT supported when connecting to Mac OS X and PCs running Windows ‘Home’ edition.

RDP features:
* Supports RD Gateway
* Supports custom resolutions. Set any resolution you want including Retina resolutions.
* Dynamic RDP resolution updates on Windows 8.1+
* Remote printing: Send print outs from your computer to your iPad/iPhone device (exclusive RDP print redirection feature on the App Store!)
* Drive redirection
* Audio streaming
* Console sessions
* International keyboard layouts
* Multiple monitor support on Windows 7+
* Multi-touch redirection support on Windows 8+

VNC features:
* Tested with Mac OS X, TightVNC, RealVNC, UltraVNC, Linux (Ubuntu Remote Desktop)
* Secure: Supports SSH tunneling as well as SSL encryption
* Black & white, gray scale, 8, 16 and 24-bit color to help optimize bandwidth
* Multiple monitor support
* Macs: Support locking the Mac's screen and syncing the pasteboard

iTunes App Store レビュー
  • 日本語入力が… iPadでBluetooth接続の物理マウスやキーボードをPCに近い感覚で使える唯一無二のリモートデスクトップアプリです。


  • Awesome I can now log in to my Mac mini from my iPad, and my iPad (pro 10.5”) with clamshell keyboard (Arteck) and Bluetooth mouse (generic Elecom) becomes a MacBook!
    On a local network it runs fast enough for office software and web browsing.
    There is no sound throughput but graphics are fairly smooth and resolution adjusts perfectly to my iPad screen.
    No complaints at all, it just works how it should, and does everything that I need.
    Fantastic piece of software.. recommended.
    Saved me the price of a laptop (for my very occasional use.)
  • iPad Pro12.9 第二世代で使ってるけど 純正のキーボードカバー(日本語印字タイプ)で記号がずれます
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