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神と神の御言葉を中心にすえるのは難しいことです。 そのため、無料のYouVersion 聖書アプリは日々、神の御旨を尋ねるためのツールを提供しています。聴くオーディオ聖書、祈りの作成、友達との学び、2,000以上の訳の聖書の検索などができる機能が多数あります。 今すぐダウンロード!

4億台以上のデバイスから、世界中の人々が無料のYouVersion聖書アプリを使って聖書を読んだり、聴いたり、観たり、シェアしたりしています。 言語数1,300以上の2,000を超える訳の聖書があります。 多彩な読書プランがあり、65以上の言語に対応しています。

あなた好みにカスタマイズも可能です。 接続している時には全コンテンツにアクセス可能で、オフラインの時のために特定の訳をダウンロードすることもできます。

友達と一緒に聖書を探検しよう。 信頼できるコミュニティで、聖書について率直な会話を分かち合いましょう。

- 祈りのカードを使って、聖書アプリで祈りを記録しましょう。
- 祈りのリストを簡単に整理しましょう。

iTunes App Store レビュー
  • This is the only key for us to know Lord Jesus I think that it is by God’s grace that He led all His people to this app to just read the Bible by themselves, not only by someone told us who God really is, But seeing for ourselves who God really is and what are His ways, what are His plan, what can God do, how deep God’s love for all of us people, because even the world cannot give the peace that this Bible app did to me personally,
    it changed the whole me, everything i am not before, just reading the Bible Knowing more and more about Lord Jesus, knowing the truth about God, no one could ever showed me or told me the real truth About God and about Lord Jesus, God’s mercies for His people to show us the truth only Him can show us who really is God, and that is simply to just sit and pray and start reading your Bible. :)
  • Blessings ! Am in Yokohama Japan; Merry Christmas & Blessings to all brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ throughout the world; Today is a day we all celebrate the uniqueness and greatness of the Lord our God who personally came to us and united us with Himself through the birth of His dear son Jesus Christ;
    Me and my family have been and will always spread the gospel to the non believers in Japan; and we will not rest until all will hear the gospel; this bible App has always been of great help; may the Lord bless you.
    I was wondering if there is Japanese and English (2 languages in one Bible app ) of this Bible App?
    brothers and sisters , always pray.
    Blessings & love to you all !
  • This Bible App Brang Me Closer To God With so many plans that you can either do by yourself or with others, this Bible app brings you one step closer to God. The Bible plans that they offer can answer some unanswered questions about God and different problems in life. Me and my friend studied a 4 day long bible plan called Thoughts For Young Men. This certain plan answered some questions that I had not yet had answered about God. For example, it showed a certain guideline for what we have to do in order to dodge sin in our life, and how we can live a path towards God. The Bible app also has many verses prepared for how you feel. For example, if you are feeling sad, there will be verses that talk about how God is always there for you, and that you all you have to do is to put all to it faith into Him for your worries or problems to feel less stressful. Overall, I give this Bible app a 10/10 because of its Bible plans, how it gives Bible verses based on how you feel, and the easy ways on reading the Bible.
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