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Dude Theft Wars FPS Open World (総合 19860位) ※2022/08/02時点
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.0 (評価数 : 1)

アクション (ゲーム)
App Store
Poxel Studios
iPhone(iOS 11.0以降)、iPad(iPadOS 11.0以降)、iPod touch(iOS 11.0以降)、Mac(macOS 11.0以降とApple M1以降のチップを搭載したMac)


Dude Theft wars: Open world Sandbox Simulator BETA is a funny physics based action game Offline & Online Multiplayer Games mode that include action, cool & relaxing games.

It is one of the best open world games that include funny games with physics based games.. Its offline story mode has a big open world map with cool graphics & action packed missions.

Best Online Multiplayer Games & Gun Games
In Online multiplayer games you can play with friends. Play two online multiplayer games modes, Free For All & Team Deathmatch online games for cool actions. Enjoy funny dances & emotes & best gun games. The Online multiplayer games mode also has the funny ragdoll games.

Team DeathMatch offers intense action games & exciting finishes. There are many maps in online multiplayer games mode. NoobTown map provides quick action games fun. JackStreet gives cool open world war games fun.

In online multiplayer games, you can unlock character items & weapons to use in online games mode & offline games mode.

  • 面白い 僕はAndroid版をプレイしているがiPad版が出たと言うことでプレイしてみた。基本的にはオンラインで戦うゲームです。Android版ではチーターが沢山いるがiPad版ではチーターが今の所いない。全体的にはとても面白いのだが改善点がいくつかあった。まず1つ目がリロードボタンと爆弾のボタンが重なっていること。2つ目が視点を動かすときに撃つボタンが誤反応してしまうこと。(機種にもよるかも)3つ目が画面の向きが強制的に変わること。(上下逆)上記のようなことを改善してくれるととても楽しいゲームになると思います。
  • ハマった このゲームハマりました
  • It's a god game. It has revolutionized smartphone games, please do your best from now on.
    By the way, I am Japanese.
  • デベロッパの回答 GREAT NEWS! 🥳 No More Crashes in Dude Theft Wars. 🤩

    Play the Latest new version ( of the Dude Theft Wars with Many new Cars🚗🚙🏎 Improved Graphics 🏞 many more features & no more crash Issues.🛠

    Try the new update and Tell us what you think about the game. 🥺

    It's great to hear appreciation from Japan since you guys invented games. 🤓

    Have an Amazing day! 😇
    Poxel Studios Team.
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