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Locket Widget (総合 5665位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.8 (評価数 : 272)

未分類 (その他)
App Store
Locket Labs, Inc.
iPhone(iOS 14.1以降)、iPod touch(iOS 14.1以降)
英語 ほか


Locket is a widget that shows you live pictures from your friends, right on your Home Screen. It’s like a portal to the people you care about — a little glimpse at what they’re up to throughout the day.

Here’s how it works: when a friend sends you a pic, it instantly appears in your Locket widget on your home screen. To send a response, tap the widget, take a pic, and send it to your friends’ Home Screens. It feels like magic when your Locket updates with something new!

As you use Locket, you’ll also build up a history of pictures you’ve sent your friends. Scroll down in the Locket app to travel back in time and explore your History.

Locket is just for your closest friends. It’s perfect for your best friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and families. To keep things friendly, you can only add up to 20 friends on the app.

Please write to us at team@locketcamera.com. Thanks for having Locket on your Home Screen!

  • I love this app💛 I like this more than Instagram or Snapchat. It’s so easy to share pic with ppl. I like it that I don’t have to care bout anything just share things what you like. I wish I could more than 10 ppl… like 15 or 20??
  • Awesome app, just 1 wish.. ☁️✨🌟 This is one of my favorite app that is inside my phone!
    I just love how this app can take pictures without making a shutter noise! 📸🚫 (You can use flash too!!)
    Also, love how you can send photos to your friends, family etc. so easily!!
    …Have to mention that the icon for this app is super cute!!! 🧡🤍

    But… I just wish it had a system that I can sign up and login with a simple free account, by using email address and a password, so that I wouldn’t lose my data that is stored in the app.
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