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Bloons TD Battles 2 (総合 12958位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.4 (評価数 : 14)

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Ninja Kiwi
iPhone(iOS 10.0以降)、iPad(iPadOS 10.0以降)、iPod touch(iOS 10.0以降)



Bloons TD 6 のクリエイターたちが贈る大人気のガチンコタワー防衛ゲーム最新作です。ヒーローを集め、強力なモンキータワーのチームを組み、他のプレイヤーと波のように押し寄せる容赦ないブルーン(風船)に備えよう!

* 激しいガチンコ対決で相手の裏をかいて打ち負かそう
* 防衛力のバランスを調整しながら、ブルーンの集中攻撃で相手を翻弄しよう
* 君を勝利に導く戦術の組み合わせは無限大

* 特徴的な9つのアリーナでは、自分のランクに近いプレイヤーとマッチングされる

  • DDT early spawn problem I have to say that I really hate DDT. In BTD battles 2, you only got 3 slots of monkeys to choose, if you pick banana farm then it's only 2 left, and it's stupid to pick the village just to counter DDT. This really narrows down possible ways of monkey picks to play late matches, unlike BTD 6 that can be done easily due to unlimited monkey kinds, in Battles 2 if you picked monkeys that can't take down DDT you're going to get down if your opponent doesn't like you.

    Most of the monkeys that have the ability to damage DDT, often in 4th 5th tier upgrades, they're so expensive that often you won't get them, or not sufficient, before the DDT spawn is available. And new-players may not have these upgrades available too.

    What's worse is that Battles 2 has the shortest tracks ever that made my reaction barely able to catch up, the notorious part of DDT is not camo or lead something... It's that when you put a Moab at the speed of Pink, it rushes through your defenses like knife slicing through meat.

    And the fact that the already hard-to-kill BAD spawns DDT is... I don't need to say anything...

    My solution is that, higher the cost to spawn, to discourage players from send them to win, and be able to spawn them much later, like 5 to 10 rounds later, so we won't see DDT rushers often just like purple rushers.

    And most importantly, make this game more new-player friendly.
  • 無課金です。 ヒーロー解放やコレクションする為の費用が凄い高くて貯めるまでに飽きてしまいます。ゲーム性としては駆け引きをしながら相手の弱点を突いたり,隙を与えて自分を強化したり,隙を与える為の費用を消費するとそこを突かれたりいろんな戦略で楽しめるので勿体無いと思います。レベルの差があっても勝てるゲームなので飽々しないためお勧めです。
  • Don’t spend your time with this game The game is good but there are a lot of connection issues, I lose around 15 games just because the connection is so weak, I paid the vip pass and I regret a lot, coming back to the first version of the game…
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