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Wolow - Wake on LAN (総合 9810位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.4 (評価数 : 287)

未分類 (その他)
App Store
Jack Baker
iPhone(iOS 14.0以降)、iPad(iPadOS 14.0以降)、iPod touch(iOS 14.0以降)、Mac(macOS 11.0以降とApple M1チップを搭載したMac)
英語  中国語 ほか


Wolow is a wake on LAN app that allows you to remotely start up a computer by sending a "magic packet" request.

Simply add a device configuration inside the app, select the device you would like to start up and then press the power button and as long as your configuration is correct you can watch your computer startup.

Wake on LAN is a network protocol that is supported by the majority of Ethernet cards available. Before using the app ensure your computer is fully configured to work with the wake on LAN protocol. A guide on how to set up your computer can be found within the app at the bottom.

  • 使いやすい Siriショートカットから起動できるのは非常に便利。
    Google homeとAmazon Alexaにも対応して貰えるともっと便利なので、対応して欲しいです。
  • Perfect! This app worked for me when no other app would.....Most likely because I didn't know how to configure the connection properly...with the companion app it made things soo much easier (^^)....to be honest I don't really care about the premium features but because this app was the only one that ended up working for me I decided to support it buy buying premium! one slight suggestion is to add widgets....Would make it even better if from my home screen (without siri) I can just tap a button to send the packet
  • デベロッパの回答 Hi, thanks for the support I really appreciate it! We are looking at adding widgets this year there is a temporary work around for adding a widget to the Home Screen which is using the Siri shortcut widget. Add a shortcut to wake up the PC and then add it to the Siri shortcut widget, you can then wake up a device from the Home Screen.
  • Worked once Worked one time. Hasn’t worked since. Wake on Lan is correctly setup, as other programs can wake up devices.

    Reply to developer:

    Fast startup is not the problem. I have it disabled on my PCs. I have tried three other WoL apps in addition to Wolow and all three of those have consistently successfully woken up the PCs even when they’ve been off for over 8 hours. I liked the design of Wolow but clearly something in the app itself is preventing it from working for me.
  • デベロッパの回答 Hi, if you want to email me at contact@jackbaker.dev we can discuss this issue further and see if it can be resolved. Thanks.
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