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Mystery Tales: The Other Sid‪e‬ (総合 22858位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.3 (評価数 : 15)

カテゴリー : カード/パズル (ゲーム)
バージョン : 1.1.2
App Store 更新日 : 2021/02/15
対応言語 : 英語 ほか
サイズ : 2.2GB
情報取得日 : 2021/02/27


Twola was just another dying small town with hidden objects games hidden deep in Europe, until a new television company moved in and turned everything around with hidden object games. New jobs, high salaries, everyone seemed happy to play mystery games of their lives! Now, to celebrate 10 years of success, Twola TV Company is giving away free SuperTVs to every resident! But when people start dying in front of their TVs, some scientists start asking questions in their desire to solve murder mystery games and paranormal cases. However, strange forces prevented them from learning the truth. Join your friend Natalie to solve this strange case and go through all the hidden objects free for iPad & iPhone, before Twola becomes a real ghost town. Find out who’s really standing behind the conspiracy in the Twola TV Company and find hidden pictures!


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  • 落ちます 車にナビゲーターをセットした後落ちます。

  • デベロッパの回答 Hi, 白&ダッシュ!
    Thank you for your feedback! We hope you didn't experience any other issues with this game.
  • 安定したゲーム、ミニゲームは難易度低め このシリーズらしく操作感、グラフィック、ストーリー展開の無理のなさとともに安定度高し。今回はミニゲームの難易度が低いかな。セールでだったこともあり、満足。
  • デベロッパの回答 thank you for your comment!
    We're glad that you liked our game
  • discount Why there is no 15% discount you always have this problem it is annoying😡😡😡
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