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Plotagraph - 3D Image Animator (総合 29408位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 3.9 (評価数 : 1,091)

カテゴリー : アクション (ゲーム)
バージョン : 4.6.8
App Store 更新日 : 2020/11/17
開発者 : PLOTAGRAPH, Inc.
動作条件 : iOS10.0以降。iPhone、iPad、iPod touch
サイズ : 279MB
情報取得日 : 2020/11/27


The Plotagraph® Suite of Apps

• Plotagraph • The #1 Patented photo animation App
• Plota FX App • Now includes over 1,300 pro level video FX overlays
• PlotaMotion • Video effects editor for TikTok & Instagram Reels
• PlotaPhoto, the easy to use Photo editor with our special effects slider with over 40,000 + FX Options
• Daily Animation Challenge • (Includes a specially curated image to animate everyday)

Join the Millions of people in the Plotagraph creative community. Create the most mind-blowing animated motion art video fx that can be shared on any social platform. Tell your story through photos and looping videos along with gifs, memes, stickers and live wallpapers. Let your creativity take over as you easily convert photos to videos, gifs & Live Wallpapers.

Discover the magic of Plotagraphs! Create personalized live HD photos and moving wallpaper for more followers. With our video editor make the best loop video, 3D photos and fun gifs that your friends will love. Explore all tools like mask, morph, exposure and ripple-effect. Become a professional photographer and editor: share your posts and spread the creativity!

iTunes App Store レビュー
  • フィードバック Plotaverse app does not work at all 💢

    アプリのホーム画面が全く動作しません。ヘルプミー 😭

    iPhone setting screen There is no display of Plotaverse app on privacy photo. why? I can not use the Plotaverse app! help me)

    Can not read and write… Anger

    10/5 2019
  • デベロッパの回答 We are aware of the connectivity issues in certain regions which are causing users to see black screen. Our developers are working on resolving this - meanwhile, with the latest update you can bypass the black screen, navigate to Plotagraph+ and bring your photos to life.
  • 使用言語を確認したのに インストールできて起動したら全てが英語。
  • 詐欺 以前から使用していたため、1年間ずつ料金を支払っていた。
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