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Fabulous: セルフケア (総合 25378位)
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- 朝スムーズに起きられない
- 元気が続くような食習慣を常に探している
- 日中に疲れを感じる
- 続けられるような朝の習慣を作りたい
- 1日5時間は元気いっぱいの状態でいたい

  • Fun Checking things off is very fun, and I don’t recommend doing it right away, and I don’t because I am busy and sometimes forget, and I downloaded this app to keep track on every small thing I accomplish, if you like, you can use alarm to make big changes. But I enjoy this because it gives me a chance to appreciate and be proud of getting through the day❤️
  • Forced me to buy So I did the trial for this app with 3 other applications. All of them were ending on the 22/09 and on the 22/09 I deleted 2 out of 3 when I tried to delete Fabulous they said I was already devoted. The team told me they couldn’t give my money back as it was mentioned in the App Store like every other app. Except I never had a problem like this with other apps. Clearly forced me to pay.
    Nevertheless, as I paid I start using the app more seriously. It’s a bit boring and not really motivating. Your challenge like water every morning is useless and some of them like try to reduce your phone use when the app is reminding you to take your phone at least 3 times a day to look at this app is also ineffective. The application could be great but even if you pay for a year they ask you for a life plan. It's all about the money. And the app is not really worth this money. Others are more likely to be useful.
  • デベロッパの回答 Hi there, we appreciate your feedback and we're sorry to hear about your experience with the trial. Canceling on 22/09 may be too late since auto-renewal can occur 24 hours before the end-date due to Apple's policy. We apologize that this had happened. Regarding the features in-app, we're constantly working to improve the features to make it more effective and motivating. If you have any suggestions or further feedback, then you can reach us by completing the form via hello@thefabulous.co we'd greatly appreciate it
  • I love this app but! Hi!
    I was getting kind of les motivated to do my habits and started looking at other apps!
    I love the fabulous so I thought it would be better if I could keep using it but add that is good about the other apps.
    It would be great if fabulous had a widget for iPhone in which you can check the habits as to complete them, not only ritual based.
    and also a way to compete the same habit multiple times! For example drink water before each meal... I feel there is no way to track this..
    Sometime opening rituals takes too long. If it was only checking the box it would be easier and it would be more motivated to do it...
    It could be divided in rituals(which are also important for some habits) and quick habits you only need to check te box !
    I hope you can implement something like this!
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