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FaceStar App (総合 3182位)
価格 : 360円
App Store 評価 : 4.6 (評価数 : 341)

カテゴリー : エンターテインメント (ゲーム)
バージョン : 8.0
App Store 更新日 : 2019/09/11
開発者 : Visionborne
動作条件 : iOS 10.3以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。
サイズ : 32.7MB
情報取得日 : 2019/09/19

The photos used to produce the clips will not be shared or used by us for any commercial purpose. After the processed clips are sent back to the users, the photos will be automatically erased from our servers.

Have you always wanted to be a Star?
With FaceStar you can now turn into a movie star or a music hero.
All you need is a selfie!
Take a photo, choose you favorite character and become the protagonist of your favorite scenes.
We constanly add new clips so you can always enjoy new content.
This is no gimmick! Surprise your friends with FaceStar: become the leading character of epic action scenes.

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  • ん? メチャ楽しいけど、これはビデオを毎回エディットする度にお金かかるの?
  • Is ok if you take a selfie face pic in bright light Is ok if, as suggested you make the effort (which is not often possible in real life) to take a face selfie in night light with no shadows. There are 40 clips and as they said, they are changing. It’s just that those clips just happen not to match my interests but that’s just me. Maybe you guys will like them.
  • デベロッパの回答 You have to insert frontal images, with good definition and good lighting .. without clear shadows on the face and without filters, otherwise the result is not realistic. If you go on Instagram #facestar #faceoscar you can see the clips of users from all over the world.
    Not many clip scenes? There are more than 40 ... and they are constantly updated.
  • ダウンロードできない 写真を撮って動画を編集すると永遠とダウンロード中になり、何も作れないし何もできない。金返して欲しい
  • デベロッパの回答 なぜ、あなたはビデオを作った後に何をしたいですか?満足できないのは残念ですが、App Storeで払い戻しをリクエストすることができます。
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