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TOTAL IELTS Listening Practice (総合 20226位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.3 (評価数 : 23)

カテゴリー : シミュレーション (ゲーム)
バージョン : 1.7
App Store 更新日 : 2020/09/20
開発者 : AppFx Design
動作条件 : iOS 10.0以降。iPhone、iPad、iPod touch
サイズ : 53.5MB
情報取得日 : 2020/09/26


"Practice makes perfect", we are here to make you "perfect" IELTS Listening skills. This is the only app that covers all kind of test formats you will see in your actual test.

We believe that TOTAL: IELTS Listening Practice Tests is the world most convenient/friendly and effective IELTS Listening Practice Tests app you can find on the market, it's so convenient and easy to use.

By practicing IELTS Listening skills using this app, you will soon get you highest score possible in your actually test.

+ Covered all kind of test formats
+ Huge number of practice tests
+ Convenience and friendly app
+ Audio are crystal clear

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  • Very helpful
  • Nice content in a broken app It always shut down all of a sudden and difficult to fill in the blanks. Shady..
  • 役に立つ すごく良いツール
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