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Hajwala Drift (総合 4256位)
価格 : 無料
App Store 評価 : 4.1 (評価数 : 551)

カテゴリー : アクション (ゲーム)
バージョン : 3.2.5
App Store 更新日 : 2020/05/22
開発者 : RABABA Games
動作条件 : iOS 9.0以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに対応。
サイズ : 1.4GB
情報取得日 : 2020/05/27

Hajwala game
It is the best game in middle east up till now,

You can customize your car the way you want and design your driver character as you like,

And also, you can design your racing track as you desire, the limit is your imagination, so be

creative, and let your imagination go wild

Play online with your friends, up to 8 players, it's more fun to play together

You can choose from 100 different cars,

50 million players around the world up till this moment,

100 million recorded videos by the players, wow, what a number

12 different levels, and you can choose the time of the day and the weather

We created voice chat and text chat in the game, this way you can be closer to your friends

while playing, no matter how far they are

We made it possible for players to be able to make their own -- -- - as they desire, this will

make you unique

In the end, we remind you that we are ready to listen to your requests, and we are ready to

add it to the game

Hajwala game is seriously the most fun game for you and all your friends

Thanks to all of you for making us at the top

God bless

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  • うーん.... よく落ちる、msが良いのに落とされる、あとサイドブレーキがバグってるし、オートマの車なのにマニュアル表示出てるしそこタップして動かないという大惨事が起きてますし積載車バグるとすげー飛んでくしなんかパカパカしとるしタイヤのパンクは早いし他の人の車が自分と同じ改造だったり、エアロ変えられないしなどの欠点はあるけれど、今後に期待で星4 plus car MAZDA RX-7
    FD3S rocket bunny plz...
  • カスタマイズ好きにはおすすめ! 車高やキャンバー、ツラ具合までイジれて色はもちろんステッカーとかも触れていいと思います!


  • Please Add this car and Please add Route66 Course. Hi :-)
    This game is very good.
    It's fine!
    Please add this car.
    Fast and Furious1 Supra Eclipse Charger 2Fast2Furious Evo SkylineGT-R R34 Eclipse spyder Mr Bean Mini Wheels of terror Charger TAXi Pegeout 406
    Pls add Eclipse!!
    And 70 challenger!!
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